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We love sports and everything that comes with them: the players, the teams, the games and, of course, the apparel. But we got sick of looking like everybody else. As art and t-shirt junkies, we wanted to wear something cool and different, something that was totally “us”. We wanted to change the game for the fans.
The best part of 500 LEVEL? The designs are created by you, the fan. All our genius designs were made by artistic sports fans from around the globe, submitted to us, and then voted on to become the next great shirt.
We’re all about standing out in a crowd and selectively choose designs that are head turners. We are currently licensed by the NFL, NHL, MLB Players Associations, National Baseball Hall of Fame, Legends of all four major sports and several foundations and are committed to producing items that work in accordance with these fantastic partnerships.
This is your player, your team, your life.
This is your shirt.
Wear it well.
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MIAC is proud to be the European Representative for 500Level. For more information please contact sales@miac-gmbh.de 
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